How to know if balloons are not flying?

How to know if balloons are not flying?
In Cappadocia It's crucial to be able to know if balloons got canceled as soon as possible to act accordingly.
Flying hot air Balloons depends on the weather, mainly the wind speed and direction.

Although Cappadocia has the most flying days per year record around the world, balloons are not guaranteed to fly every day. It's not possible to know if a specific day next month or next week balloons will be flying or not.

Most days, the status of whether the balloons will fly or not can be known only at the sunrise just before the flight.

Sometimes it gets canceled 24 before the flight because of reliable weather forecast say it will be windy the next day.

I'm talking here about knowing the status of the flight from the office sours that give permission for flying every day.

But if you rely on a good source of the weather forecast, you can know if they will fly or not for up to 3 days in advance from my experience as a photographer.

I use the mobile app of

So what is the official source that has that gives the final permission for all balloons companies to fly or not?

It's the Aviation Research Center at Cappadocia University In cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in Turkey.

You can check the status of balloons flying or not from the designated web-page: HERE


  • Time on the website is 3 hours before Turkey's time zone.
  • If the flight is on the flags will change to the green color.
  • Check the web-page at 2 pm the day before your flight or photoshoot to know if it's canceled due to bad weather, but it doesn't say if balloons will fly in advance as i said before.