September 10, 2016
Every photographer have his own workflow from copying photos from the memory cards to processing and publishing .. printing etc... to the final step The Backup, The problem that most photographers face the photos size on both drive backup and website.

I shoot with Nikon D810 and with 36 megapixel it produces a huge size JPG so I have to use a lot of external hard drives for backup, recently I began to think of compression softwares and see which is best to use.

after a lot of search and tests I decided to go for JPEGmini

It's Easy, Fast, no losing in quality at all, EXIF Data and Color Profiles not affected.
I'm using it for 3 months now and I regret not using it before, You can see from above screenshot that I already saved 300 GB and this only for part of my photos not all of them.

All test results I made came with one conclusion that this software is genius and I should recommend it for you "This is not a paid advertising at all"
I like how choices I have it's not a one job software I can resize photos while reducing their sizes "perfect for internet use" also I can optimize the original photos not to produce a new optimized version .. I use this choice when I have an old work that I want to keep in backup but also need to reduce its size so I grab and drop the folder in JPEGmini and that's it :)

There are two versions so if you are using a camera with 28MP or less you can take JPEGmini and if you have a camera with more than 28MP go for JPEGmini Pro also the Pro version is faster and Includes Plug-In for both lightroom and photoshop and you can purchase JPEGmini after that you can upgrade to a pro version and this is what I did, also the trial version is available with 20 photos/day ... give it a try yourself.

JPEGmini for 29$
JPEGmini Pro for $99